About us

Mutsuo Oomiya

Chief Executive Officer
Hisayoshi Omiya

Senior Executive Director
Eiji Omiya

Corporate philosophy

There are infinitely be able to because – knit.
There is also infinitely What is required to knit –

Mutsumi textiles, mainly knitwear for women’s sports apparel, textile manufacturers to respond to diverse values.

The infinite possibilities of the knit to shape, we will continuously develop high-fashion textiles.

We Mutsumi textiles worked in the field of circular knitting among the knit,

Women’s clothing, sports apparel, we have manufactured and sold in the three pillars of the material relationship.

Women’s clothing

We produce mixed knitting material of the middle gauge - high gauge in the center of the polyester.
In the Tokyo store, OMAS proposed the original material and composite triacetate and acetate, and rayon. Please visit us at ease because there Aoyama Tokyo shop.


The sport material around the polyester we have proposed a jersey indispensable.
Recently, jar guard jersey is popular.


Did you know of knit are used in the vehicle?
Specifications and delivery time you leave, please!

Overseas sales promotion business

Toward overseas it has been planning the original textile.