Chief Executive Officer  Hisayoshi Omiya

Good afternoon. My name is Omiya Hisayoshi.
Thank you for choosing now very much indebted to the daily everyone.
Long-term deflation in Japan – manufacturing industry of Japan in the tions We are faced with very difficult.
Deflation advances in the world future
From may era that should simply make things
The new market new ones entirely new value
Creation of is important.

The Company is not in the building intended to fill a market,
It becomes your integrally
We do manufacturing of high-quality new value that is really needed.

In addition, we aim to be able to contribute to the development of Japanese society through manufacturing.

High gauge from middle gauge in our company, jacquard from plain machine machine, and possession of a pile machine

We are engaged in production of such materials and car seat fabric including the clothing use fabrics.
In particular, our company will be characterized in that it has been many possession of a jacquard machine.

Unlike plain machine, that you can have a variety of facial expressions and functions to the dough will be the strength.

In addition, besides including the plain machine also,
Stocks both sides pile machine, etc. unique knitting machine.

Such as who can be surprised to everybody

Those that do not rain that hard to knit

With no such exciting like fabric that saw
We want to continue to create and proposals.

If there is something you want to do something developed in knit, certainly please consult us.