Senior Executive Director  Eiji Omiya

My name is Omiya Eiji.

It is Enclosed in Tokyo branch,
The proposed planning and sales of original own sales goods in business two designers two minority elite.

And major domestic apparel as track record, and we handle the dough toward overseas Maison Collection brand.

In Tokyo branch, textile designer has been resident in Tokyo, sales and designers have been together action.
Because they allow QR correspondence by multi-quality small amount also a production capable of handling production system with the cooperation of yarn risks and knitting factory, you can directly reflect the needs of our customers (apparel).

If you are developing a composite knit mainly due to the high-gauge (high density) the plain computer jacquard fabric using special yarn, such as a strong twine to represent the dry texture that is at the center,
From yarn processing to knitting, we will provide the dough with high quality because the integrated production system is possible.

Japanese-made products of relief by the factory of knitters
To have cooperation with the delicate art has headquarters I will correspond to the ‘exculcive’.

Fabric texture and texture, we will answer to the consultation of colors and patterns.

Since it is a bright and energetic corporate culture
By all means, please feel free to contact us in the Tokyo branch.